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Ex-Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan has so far not been arrested despite the raft of charges levelled against him in recent months. – AFP pic, August 22, 2022.

PAKISTAN opposition leaders warned today that authorities would cross a “red line” if they arrested former prime minister Imran Khan after he was reported under the anti-terrorism act for comments he made about the judiciary. 




Since being ousted by a vote of no confidence in April, Khan has held mass rallies across the country, warning state institutions including the military not to back the coalition government led by his long-time political rival Shehbaz Sharif. 

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    巴利阿里大区政府正在对学生群体入住的9家旅店睁开观察,同时对音乐会的组织者提出严重犯罪行为的指控,该音乐会举行时代由于严重违反防疫措施被警方迫令暂停举行。(总台记者 魏帆)发现了新大陆,好棒!