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KUALA LUMPUR: Awanbiru Technology Bhd (Awantec), a Google Cloud authorised training partner, targets to train 5,000 public sector employees in FY2023.

In a statement, Awantec, which is Google Cloud's exclusive managed service provider to the Malaysian government, said it aims to drive the adoption of Google Cloud technology and solutions as well as provide the necessary upskilling opportunities for the MyDigital transformation agenda.

“Awantec can support the Government of Malaysia in its efforts to execute the MyDigital Blueprint and in achieving its digital transformation goals, with a specific focus on upskilling talent.

To start, we target to conduct instructor-led training for 5,000 learners in FY2023. The training and upskilling are delivered in various modes which include online, on-demand, and in-classroom training as well as customised labs and workshops”, said Awantec CEO Rezal Rahman.

The group was also recently awarded the 2021 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner of the Year in Asia Pacific.

It was recognised for its achievements in the Google Cloud ecosystem, helping various government agencies in Malaysia improve efficiency and productivity through greater collaboration and digital transformation.

“The Awantec advantage is in our ATP team working in tandem with our MSP team to provide end-to-end solutions, from implementation through migration and training.

"This aligns with the group’s strategy to broaden products and services offerings as well as widen our customer base moving forward," added Rezal.

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